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Fluffing the Lines is a blog dedicated to covering all things World Cup ’10.   We are a group of friends that love football and we love talking to people about it.  Amongst us are lawyers and lawyers to be, journalists to be, Grad Students in Medieval Studies (WTF??), Academics, Accountants, and bums(all of us).  We are filled with varying levels of football knowledge as well as varying levels of bullshit.  No joke will be spared or held back in the name of entertainment.  Hopefully you’ll find us to be informational, occasionally funny, and a nice way to follow the World Cup.

Yeah, OK, but “Fluffing the Lines?” WTF does that even mean?

“Fluffing the lines” is a term that finds its origins in British theatre. An actor who made a mistake was reported to have fluffed his lines. Since then, it has been used in British English to describe an error of any sort. It is common to hear football (soccer) commentators exclaim things such as “well he fluffed his chance there…was certain to be a goal.” While honoring the term and its uses to describe the failures in the beautiful game, we also use it to give us certain liberties or creative license, if you will.

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