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Semifinals Projected Lineup

June 22, 2011

While I know this site has been completely dead since summertime last year, I obviously got an itch yesterday that needed to be scratched.  I have no clue how often I’ll be posting, nor do I know how long this will last.  Either way, I’m gonna tinker with it a little bit more than recently.

As for today’s match, I expect to see a very similar lineup to the one we saw against Jamaica on Sunday.  The overall effect was positive, and the main difference will be the inclusion of Landon Donovan.  I’m interested to see if he proves me completely wrong(it would surprise me none if my first post in months is completely shattered a day after it was written).  Here’s the projected lineup:

GK: Tim Howard

No surprise here.

D: Cherundolo, Goodson, Bocanegra(c), Lichaj

No Surprises here either.  Lichaj has been a rare bright spot at left back for a team that normally is at a loss for any sort of offensive spark out of the back.  I  wouldn’t be to see Tim Ream get back in the game as a sub, just to get that bitter taste out of his mouth from the first Panama match.  It’s also important that Cherundolo’s shoulder be ok.  If that’s not the case, you’ll probably see Lichaj out right, Bocanegra out left, and Ream back in the middle.

DM: Bradley, Edu

My first surprise comes in the defensive midfield with the inclusion of Edu as opposed to Jermaine Jones.  This has nothing to do with a knock on Jermaine’s play. In fact, the entire reasoning is the fact that he’s our best chance against Mexico and we need to protect him since he already has a yellow.  Furthermore, it was rumored that he had a few knocks left over from the Jamaica match.  Mo Edu will be more than serviceable and should be able to play well enough to get the win.

M: Donovan, Kljestan, Dempsey

Here I have subbed Donovan in for Bedoya, who 0nce again played with a great deal of gumption on Sunday.  I still would expect Alejandro to be a key sub if the game is still close around the 65th minute.  While I wasn’t overly impressed with Sacha’s play, he did fit the role of creator better than anyone else has in our 4-2-3-1 formation, so I think he gets the nod again.

F: Agudelo

There’s a chance that Wondo gets the start here(Bob, I’m begging you not to do that) to save Juan’s legs, but he’s a young player, our best chance to score up top, and he’ll be able to handle the quick turnaround a lot better than most.

There shouldn’t be much of a drop-off tonight, especially with the boys just having lost to Panama last week.  We shall see soon how good my predictions are.

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