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Winners and Losers Day USA

June 23, 2010

Oh, what a glorious day it was. Surely it had to have been the most dramatic day of the tournament so far, even more dramatic than the faint possibility of a stunning upset by South Africa to charge into the round of 16. There was everything, early goals, late goals, multiple goals, and drama everywhere across the pitch. Possibly two of the most hotly contested groups were on display today, and every goal meant something, with every team having a decent chance of advancing. Read on to see our winners and losers.


USA– USA!USA!USA!USA! Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, what a game. What a frustrating, nerve wracking, open, exciting game. The defense played much better than expected, and the offense was in full flow today. A great game that the US definitely deserved to win.

Jonathan Bornstein– We have called him out on this site before, so its time to give him praise now. He defended well today. More than that, he played in a few good balls too. Every American who knew anything about the team probably thought this decision was going to doom us to a horrendous defeat (at least that was my first thought when I saw his name in the starting lineup), but he worked hard and proved everyone wrong. Well done, good sir.

Bob Bradley– His decisions over the course of the World Cup have been inspired. Bringing off Gomez in favor of Feilhaber was a great move at half time. I had my doubts, but Feilhaber was composed on the ball and looked to get in dangerous positions. Starting Edu game the midfield a stability it hasn’t really had yet in the tournament. His presence let Michael Bradley get forward and do what he does best. Dropping Gooch had to have been a tough decision, but it worked out quite well. All in all Bradley has been excellent in putting the US in a position to succeed in this World Cup, and he deserves credit for that.

Majiid Bougherra– He was a rock at the back for Algeria. I’m pretty sure he made a point of denying every US forward at some point during the game. He played excellently, and his performances should get him a nice payday somewhere.

Landon Donovan– The Chosen One of US soccer, Donovan lived up to the expectations today. He was electric all day, and he finished the only chance that mattered.

England– Oh yeah. They won too. Good job.

Ghana – Even though they backed in with an uninspired loss to Germany at least they got in. Unless some very unlikely scenarios unfold they will be the only representative from Africa to qualify for the group stage. Serious Kudos for that, but if they continue with this form (on two goals, both PKs) the extremely confident US side will make short work of them. They deserve the winners column today, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t stoked to be playing them in the next round.

Australia – Soccer lives on down under. Most people (including most of the contributors of this blog) declared the Socceroos finished after the public thrashing at the hands (or should that be feet?) of the Germans. After a red card in each of their first two matches and only a point to show for it the Aussies found themselves 2 goals away (and if Germany had given them any help maybe less) from advancing in this World Cup. That deserves congratualations. So here you go. Congratulations.


On a day like today, there aren’t any losers. Well, that isn’t true. But it wasn’t the US, so who gives a damn?

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