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Beer du Jour-thursday the 17th

June 17, 2010

Today was one of the most exciting days of the 2010 World Cup. It had a hat trick, a red card, , an own goal, and most importantly, an upset. While it wasn’t the level of upset as yesterday’s clunker by the Spanish, the Mexican defeat of France was spectacularly entertaining. For myself, it was nothing short of divine, while several of the other Fluffers found themselves bent over the toilet, hurling with disgust for their favorite non-American national team.

While it has been pointed out that the French defeat does not in fact signify victory for the Irish(the Irish are doing the exact same thing as they would be doing had the French won…..nothing), this does not mean that their absence should be ignored. No, the apathetic, disjointed, and lackadaisical approach should simply be pointed out, as it is doubtful the Irish would have brought such traits to South Africa. For many of us, the talent wasted on the pitch by Crazy Ray and his entourage is simply a reminder of the underdog story that could have been. So no matter whether you care that a no-call led to France’s inclusion into this year’s 32 team field, maybe tonight’s plans should include a trip to the local pub where we can all grab a pint of the Beer du Jour.

The choice after the jump…


The Yeats of Beer

Guinness is no doubt the standard-bearer of the Irish beer as well as the easiest to find in the United States(the likely locale of the majority of our readers). It’s also a damn fine beer. Hell, it’s even the beer of choice of our primary in-house Frenchy, Role Player. There’s simply not a better selection for a beverage tonight. Just make sure you don’t have too many….gotta get up early for the US’ game tomorrow.

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