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Winners and Losers Day 6: Every Dog Has Its Day

June 16, 2010

Finally, an exciting day at the World Cup. Droughts were ended, major powers were upset, and goals were scored. Chile started off the day on an attacking note, while Switzerland gave Spain a rude awakening. In the late game, Uruguay exposed South Africa mercilessly. All the winners and losers after the jump.


Chile– Chile ended a 48 year, 13 game losing winless streak this morning against Honduras. Not only did they win, but they won by attacking (despite what the 1-0 scoreline would lead you to believe). With Spain faltering against Switzerland, this group just got a whole hell of a lot more interesting.

Eren Derdiyok– He didn’t score any goals, but the first one was all down to his work, and he very nearly added a second goal after some nice work in the box, only to be denied by the post (certiainlyCasiallas wouldn’t have done anything to stop him). At 22, Derdiyok looks to have his whole career ahead of him, and if he keeps performing like he did today, that career is going to take place at a big name

Diego Benaglio– A composed display from the Swiss keeper helped his team to an earth-shattering upset of Spain. He played extremely well, and showed Casillas how keeping a clean sheet was done.

Gerard Pique– I know his team lost, but Pique was stellar. His poise on the ball is incredible, to the point that for almost any other team he would probably play in the midfield. As if to exaggerate this, he had what was probably the best goal scoringoppurtunity of the first half, bring down a long pass, a little drag back to get past the defender, but the couldn’t get the shot off quick enough. Then, for the last ten minutes, he went up top to play striker. Oh, and he did everything possible, including putting his body on the line, to prevent Switzerland’s goal.

Diego Forlan– He skyrocketed to the top of the scoring table at this year’s World Cup with a brace in Uruguay’s game against South Africa. He was lively throughout the match, scoring first with a deflected shot from long range, and then from the penalty spot. More than that, his passing was incisive, and his movement was great. An all around threat for Uruguay today, and the early front runner for the Golden Boot.


Vicente Del Bosque– You can’t fault his starting line up or his starting formation. There were always going to be stars left on the bench, and he stuck with the formation that they had been successful with during qualification. But the subs were inexcusable. I understand taking of Busquets, but putting on Torres? And then switching to a 4-4-2 with Navas coming in on the wing andIneista playing on the left? Leaving Cesc on the bench, when he is a more direct midfielder that poses a stronger goal scoring threat? Del Bosque showed that he didn’t have the capability to truly change the game with subs.

Xavi– He is by far the most disappointing individual player of the tournament so far. No creativity, no threat, hardly ever a one touch pass going forward. Worst of all, rather than contributing that decisive final ball, he oftenslowed the Spanish counter-attack. Honestly, everyone else in the Spanish midfield, except Xabi, who did his job well and came the closest to scoring, falls into the same category with Xavi.

Iker Casillas– With your feet? You went after the ball with your fucking feet? You’re the goalkeeper, your great advantage is that inside that box you get to use your HANDS. But no, you decided to make a horrible two footed lunge at the ball, leave Pique to try and clean up the mess, and when he seems to have suitably delayed the play for you to have another chance at a save, you go in with your fucking FEET? AGAIN? Casillas effectively revoked his status as “World Class Goal Keeper” with that move. And he had to rely on the post to keep the score down. Hope you enjoy sitting on the bench next game.

People who picked Spain to win it all– Well there goes that. No team who has lost their opening game has gone on to win the Cup. Not that it can’t happen, just that historically it doesn’t. Regardless, a team that has only 1 loss in the 4 years between tournament is going to have to do some serious soul searching between games, and its looking like those old demons of inconsistency may come back to haunt them.

Itumeleng Khune– A keeper managing to pick up a red card is generally pretty rare, but Khune pulled it off with aplomb. Admittedly South Africa were already losing, but the resultant penalty and lack of numbers didn’t help their chances of coming back. It is sad for South Africa, who now face a must win against France without their first-choice keeper.

Cesc Fabregas– Hey, so how did you like sitting on the bench today, while a coach undervalued you? You didn’t? Oh, well thats your future at Barca. But you’ll have plenty of time to chat with all your friends on the bench, you know, like Thierry Henry or Alexsandr Hleb. They did really well after their moves didn’t they? /bitterarsenalrant

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  1. InChileYouSeeAWinner? permalink
    June 16, 2010 11:19 PM

    I find it more than hilarious that you believe Chile is a winner for winning once in a very long time. Sure, “a hell of a lot more interesting.”

    • Role Player permalink
      June 17, 2010 8:27 AM

      I find it hilarious that you would want someone to call Chile anything but a winner after…WINNING!

  2. InChileYouSeeAWinner? permalink
    June 17, 2010 10:14 PM

    Yeah.. for winning ONCE!

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