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Beer du Jour-friday the 11th

June 11, 2010

The World Cup starts now, and I am honored to bring you the Beer du Jour. This beer reflects the soccer we expect to see during our two matches today. In South Africa, we have potentially the first host nation to not advance from the group stage. In Mexico, we have a team that could potentially lose to South Africa, but probably won’t because their fans will pelt the poor hosts with feces and batteries. In Uruguay, we have the only former World Cup champion to fair worse than the United States since 1990. In France, we have the most question mark-plagued powerhouse; this is a team with a coach, whom I wouldn’t want coaching for my high school, and a team who did not even score a goal the last time they returned to the World Cup after being in the championship match four years earlier. And yet, we still have South Africa-Mexico and Uruguay-France; after four years of waiting, I’m glad to have soccer on the big stage!

What better Beer du Jour than…

The Beast tastes like piss, but (most) people claim it’s still beer. Please drink responsibly.

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