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USA Beer Endorsement

June 10, 2010

We here at Fluffing, like most fans, love our football best with an icy cold brew in our hand. Here’s the thing. It’s not just important that you have a beer, but that you have the right beer in your hand. In a world with so many beer options, making such a selection can be downright intimidating. For that reason alone, we find it to be beneficial, even crucial to help guide you in your beer selections throughout this melting pot style sporting event.

Throughout the World Cup, we’ll be providing a suggested Beer du Jour that you may or may not be able to find at your local grocery store (likely not at mine). This will be chosen based on a variety of (extremely complex and highly confidential) factors, all based on the games being played on that day. On the other hand, for games involving the United States, there’s no need for us to repeat ourselves over and over again when there’s a clear choice for the beer you should be drinking.

It’s one of the most American beers on the market (an’ it ain’t owned by no frenchies er communists either). It’s an affordable beer with actual flavor and character, and it harkens back to a time when brewers had no earthly idea what the process of fermentation was (seriously…Pasteur’s work with fermentation didn’t happen for 30 years after this brewery started production).

Our selection after the jump:

I'm a badass mother*#!$in' drink up.

Give me Yuengling any day of the week, especially on a football day. Yuengling Breweries are our nations’ oldest, most patriotic(as evidenced by that be-a-yoo-tiful bird on the logo), and the most appropriate for this special occasion. So when our nation’s boys are on the pitch, make sure you’re ready with that refreshing beverage from the city of Brotherly Love. God Bless America!

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