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June 7, 2010

Man alive, I can’t belive that the start of the World Cup is almost upon us.  It feels like we should still be a few weeks away as opposed to a few days.  As the start of the Cup grows nearer, we here at Fluffing will be bombarding you with as much information as possible to get you ready for the start of the tournament.  As for the start of this momentous week, I’m gonna stick with the predictable, yet still awesome anthem for the 2010 World Cup, “Wavin’ Flag” by African artist K’Naan with Spanish pop singer David Bisbal.

Useful Guide for American Sports Fans

This blog does something that many people from the States will appreciate, it compares the 32 World Cup squads to teams they will recognize.  Whether by style, quality, or simply jersey color, this blog will give you an idea of what you’re looking at when you watch “random ass team from Asia” vs. “small country team from former Soviet Union”.

Don’t Worry…This Star’s Absence was Expected

John Obi Mikel, a midfielder from Chelsea, will not be able to play in the World Cup for his native Nigeria.  This isn’t truly unexpected, as Mikel was recovering from a knee injury.  While he was expected to play in Nigeria’s final friendly prior to the World Cup, he decided not to risk any further damage to the knee.

Robben May Yet Play in Cup

Arjen Robben, injured in the Netherlands’ final warmup against Hungary, has yet to be ruled out for the cup.  Despite preliminary reports, there is still hope that he will be able to play and therefore will not be replaced in the Netherlands’ 23 man roster.

Voodoo Injuries?

This article outlines the possible causes for the obvious voodoo curse that has struck so many of the now-injured stars that will be missing this year’s World Cup.  I definitely thing it’s the fault of France.  Just sayin’…

For Bored Soccer Nerds Only

Wanna know what happens in the unlikely scenario that the USA, England, and Algeria end up in a 3-way tie atop their Group?  This page will attempt to explain this clusterf*ck to you.  Still confused?  Just pray to the soccer gods that suck a scenario doesn’t present itself.

Coaching Landon Donovan

Want to know what one of Donovan’s biggest fans thinks of him?  Here’s exactly what you should read….a discussion from David Moyes, the Everton manager on Donovan’s stay in Goodison Park.  Needless to say, it went off without a hitch and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again in the next 6 months.  One interesting note is that Moyes, a Scot, is likely rooting for the United States in Saturday’s match.

What’s Wrong with Our Team

If you are wondering why we in all likelihood will be defeated by the Brits on Saturday, this article would be a good place to start.  An extremely honest analysis of our team, this article notes our “resilient and committed” approach to the game while noting that we are playing poorly in several key areas likely to be attacked by English skipper, Fabio Capello.

Our Other European Groupies

If you, like I, are a bit lacking on the Slovenian football knowledge, this link is for you.  The smallest country in this year’s World Cup(by population, not by size) comes in as an underdog, but don’t underestimate their ability.  Truth is, their team sounds a lot like our own,  less skilled than the opponents, with a huge focus on effort and team.  The most important thing, at least to them, however, is that you differentiate them from Slovakia.

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