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June 4, 2010

Watched the Lakers beat the C’s last night(much to the chagrin of myself and Role Player).  The High Life didn’t ease the pain.  It’s great to have Boston and L.A. in the finals, but I sure wish the finals weren’t gonna extend past the start of the World Cup.  The good thing for those of us who enjoy both, however, is that the NBA finals will be on at night-time and the World Cup games will occur during the morning and afternoon hours.

We’re all rooting for the USA in this month’s World Cup, and with the start of the NBA finals, I’ve chosen a selection dear to my heart.  The late, great Marvin Gaye’s signature performance of the Star Spangled Banner(It is exactly 1 month from Independence Day) at the 1983 NBA All-Star game.  Gaye was rumored to be high as a kite(hence the need for sunglasses), but this is often considered the most original modern version of the song.

Several events with world cup implications have become news in the past 24 hours:

Jozy Altidore’s Life Threatened by Ankle Injury

By the reports that surfaced yesterday afternoon, one would have thought that this was the case.  Instead, it appears that Jozy had a mild ankle strain and will be perfectly healthy for our tilt with England on the 12th.  He has a fitness test before Saturday’s friendly with Australia, but I say we sit him and just get that ankle good and ready for swiping at John Terry’s testicular area scoring goals on the 12th.

News from My Favorite Participating Nation

I meant to include this news yesterday, but somehow let it slip through the cracks.  Not only is North Korea undersized, most likely undermanned, and woefully inexperienced, but they’re also cheaters.  Not that such a thing as this is a huge surprise, but they tried to be clever by including an extra offensive player “disguised” as an official goalkeeper.  Needless to say, FIFA laid down the law in a way that the UN couldn’t possibly comprehend.  They said no.



So it turns out that Didier Drogba will probably not be missing out on the World Cup, which is a huge relief to the entire continent of Africa, but he did break his arm in today’s friendly against Japan.  In the other news, Rio Ferdinand is not as lucky.  The center back and newly ordained captain has been ruled out of the world cup and has been replaced by Tottenham Hotspur’s Michael Dawson.  This is wonderful news for the USMNT’s offensive hopes, but the bigger question for me is, who gets the captain’s armband now for England?  Does it go back to the sexually predatoring(yes, i just made predator into a verb) John Terry or does it find a new home?  Edit: Apparently, the new captain is Gerrard.  Sorry Johnny boy.

How the Brits Pass the Time

Wondering what the England players were entertaining themselves with on the plane ride to South Africa? Me too. Luckily, the Times cared about us both enough to give us the full scoop. No Kindles? No Nooks? I’m shocked.

A Chick Named Wayne

In a World Cup year, stories like this don’t shock me at all.  Apparently, if you own a pub in Britain, you are able to manipulate and control your employees to the point of compelling them to name changes.  I’m sure in the states a lawsuit would have been filed weeks ago.

USMNT Highlight Video

I thought this video was done with pretty high quality, and I also like the choice of music.  There’s nothing unexpected here, but it’s a nice watch if you have a few minutes.

Could Africa Take Home the Trophy?

This article lays out the possibility that this could be the year for an African country to win the World Cup.  I just don’t see it.  The injuries aren’t helping and the draw didn’t do the continent any favors.  I’m thinking quarterfinals at best.

Soccer Fans are Becoming Insufferable

Here’s an excerpt from this Onion piece:

“Last week he was talking about how ‘footy’ was really heating up and asked me to come over for the ‘friendly’ against Turkey,” said Janovich’s friend Beth Gleason, who has known the only projected U.S. viewer of this year’s World Cup broadcast since college. “I love Brad, I really do, but when he talks like that I want to punch him in the goddamn face. Especially because, when I asked him what he was talking about, he just said the same thing again, only slower. I was like, ‘Brad, don’t talk like that. People don’t talk like that.'”

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