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June 3, 2010

Just two more days until the final tune up for the USMNT against the Aussies.  Thankfully, this afternoon offers a few prep matches with some intrigue(I’m thinking of Italy vs. Mexico, Spain vs. South Korea, and Germany vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina).  It’s relatively early in the day for one of these posts from a night owl such as myself, but that just gives you more things to read while wasting time at work.

For no particular reason, I chose the timeless “Hey Jude” by the Beatles today.  Then again, no one really  needs a reason to listen to the Beatles.

It’s a Place to Start

If you’re new to this whole “World Cup” thing, or if you’ve just been out of the loop for a while, this link is a good place to start.  This page links to basic information about all the groupings and will help you find your bearings before things become overwhelming next Friday.  Just be careful what you read….for example, it lists Giuseppi Rossi as Italy’s wild card.  In truth, he’s so wild he’s gonna be sitting in New Jersey next week during the games.

Little Brother Syndrome?

No Sh*t Sherlock.  Of course the younger, underdeveloped “sibling” is gonna think the game is more important than the older more established one will.  It still makes me happy to think that, no matter what happens on the 12th, at worst our World Cup record against the Queen will be .500.

Not a Good Sign for the Brits

Here I was making fun of the Italians for being ancient, and it turns out the Brits are collectively an older team.  Generally, the World Cup has been a stage for the young, so maybe England isn’t in such a good place to finally win.  Turns out Brazil isn’t that youthful either.  In fact, the only power that could be considered a “young team” is the Spanish team.  Looks like predictions for them to end their drought are looking a little better.

Here’s Why We Can Beat England

You see, the gods do not smile upon the English national team.  All we need is a little skill(that’s about all we have) and little luck to go with it.  Let’s hope karma stays on our side.

Worry Over Cesar’s Injury

Julio Cesar, Brazil’s goalkeeper, is widely considered one of the top 3 goalkeepers in the world(along with Spain’s Iker Casillas and Italy’s aging Gigi Buffon).  If he is kept out of any matches, it could be a huge blow to Brazil, especially with their inclusion in this year’s Group of Death.

Daily Maradona Drama

There is no way that one man can overcome the barrage of crazy, outlandish, ridiculous stories that have surrounded Maradona leading up to this World Cup.  I thought for a while he’d be able to use it as fuel for his team, but this is just getting out of hand.

Who’s Going to Get a Red Card?

This article calls them “tough guys”.  I’m calling them guys who are likely to put their teams in a precarious position.  Oh…and yes, we have a player on this list.  His name is Bradley, Michael Bradley.  As good as he can be, he can do some really stupid things at times.  Here’s hoping he can reel it in for a month.

Super Cool Calendar

I’m not the type of person that thinks calendars are “cool”.  Still, this has to be the best possible way to keep up with the schedule of the world cup.

Mexican Drama

Our neighborly rivals are having some drama after one of their players was cut from the final squad.  The thing is, apparently this player’s brother was selected for the team and almost quit after the player was cut.  But he didn’t.  Anyway, it looks to me like a whole lot of fuss over nothing.

Rafa Benitez on the Way Out

It’s a sad, sad day for Liverpool. It will be interesting to see if the transfer rumors start up and Torres and Gerrard get a bit distracted during the Cup.

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