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Circadian Football Revelations-tuesday the 1st

June 1, 2010

The anticipation is mounting like crazy, but this may be the most difficult week of all…we’re calling it Dead week.  The team has arrived in South Africa and will be training in relative obscurity for the next 5 days.  Until the final friendly against Australia on Saturday, we’ll all be drooling with anticipation for more Yankee news.  Likely, we’ll end up with nuggets like this from Edson Buddle’s Twitter feed: For every1 that has been asking. I have just been told that I will be wearing jersey #14

In the meantime, we’ll try to keep you up to date with the myriad of friendlies on the slate.  I’ll be paying close attention to the Germany vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina match on Thursday, as it could be an indicator of Germany’s ability to overcome its injury problems(of particular interest to the US in a possible second round matchup).

In honor of New Jersey poster boy Giuseppi Rossi’s exclusion from the Italian World Cup roster, for today’s music I’ve selected the Dirty Jersey Poets’ “We Don’t Pump Our Gas We Pump Our Fists”.

Yes, the USMNT is safe and sound on the ground in South Africa in an undisclosed location that is shown in very clear view at the bottom of this article.  I’m not gonna go so far as to claim it was a mistake to post a picture of the resort, but there have been terrorist threats against the US squad recently.

I think most people would agree that Javier Aguirre’s aggressive approach to World Cup preparation was a risk(Mexico’s 12 matches are 4 times that of the US).  On the other hand, when we take a look at Chile’s managerial decisions, we realize their coach, Loco Bielsa, was named quite appropriately.  You see, Loco, as I will solely refer to him from hence forth, scheduled two friendlies for his team ON THE SAME DAY.  WTF??

Ok…so that’s not what he said or even indicated.  Still, If he did manage to win the World Cup, don’t you think he’d be better off leaving on a high note.  I sure as heck wouldn’t want the expectations of the British for one World Cup cycle, much less two.  Fabio, tienes cojones grandes, jefe!

Nigeria has named its 23-man roster for the World Cup and Everton’s Victor Anichebe is not on the list.  I saw Anichebe play a few times towards the end of this EPL season and he seemed very hot and cold.  Still, I’m shocked that such a physical presence with experience in the Premier League would get cut from Nigeria’s squad.

A surprisingly good article about the Cup’s impact from…..The Chronicle of Higher Learning???  Oh well.  I’m gonna ignore the source and just plug the fact that there is some interesting info in this article.  Looks like everyone’s getting on board with the sport for at least a month or so.

First comes the news that South Africa will leave its all time leading scorer at home.  Next comes the news that Fabio Capello will be leaving home Theo Walcott and Leighton Baines at home.  I hope for England’s sake that Ashley Cole’s health holds up, because the health of the backups are questionable.  On the other hand, when Chelsea played Everton earlier this year, Landon Donovan did just fine at neutralizing Ashley.  This could be fun if the two are matched up again.

I don’t care what the identity of our team is if they get past the group stage.  Obviously, we won’t have an identity as a skillful and beautiful team, so let’s just find a way to win.

If the World Cup treated the 7 deadly sins like God does, some of the greatest players and moments in history would be looked at in a whole different light.  Instead, we look back at them with a little laughter, sometimes anger, and excitement as to what will come in this year’s edition of the World Cup.

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