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CIRCADIAN FOOTBALL REVELATIONS:Memorial Day Edition-monday the 31st

May 31, 2010

The USMNT’s win Saturday over the Turks made for quite the enjoyable Memorial Day weekend where I managed to do……absolutely nothing.  We at Fluffing want to take this chance to give a huge shout out and thanks to all of our nation’s troops everywhere.  It’s not lost on any of us that what you do gives us the opportunity to do something so awesome and silly as write about Soccer on the internet.

After enjoying the win on Saturday, I’ve been gearing up for what will be a busy two weeks leading up to the opening of this year’s World Cup.  Today’s music is a little pump up music released earlier this year by DJ Khaled featuring Ludacris, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, and T-Pain.  It’s appropriately titled “All I do is Win”.

Here are a bevy of links to get you caught up for the start of the week.

You don’t have to read far in this British article to realize that we’ll be getting very little respect from the Motherland until we show up and play well on the 12th.  Honestly, I expected no less, but it’s nice to know that the pressure will still be squarely on their shoulders and not ours.

Unhappy with the lack of African drama heading into this month’s tournament, Samuel Eto’o has decided to turn up the volume knob to 11.  First, he threatens to quit because of a little criticism from his coach.  Then, just as the entire nation of Cameroon began to prepare for riots, it’s announced he was chosen as captain by his team.  I’m calling bullshit and from now on, I don you Samuel “Brett Favre” Eto’o.  Ain’t no way that guy’s missing the World Cup!

Here is a list of players that use twitter who will be on World Cup rosters.  This might be the most useless link you can click on, considering almost all of them will likely have team enforced bans on their use during the tourney.

The rare article about Algeria, also in the US’s group, recaps a 3-0 loss to the Irish.  The Algerians, of course, responded by simply stating that they would be better in two weeks.  Let’s hope they save that “better” for the Brits.  I will be squarely hoping to see the miserably lost and defeated side.

If I wasn’t talking about Germany, I’d expect the starting lineup of prepubescent little girls to take the field in 2 weeks.  That’s 5 injured Germans that won’t be making the trip to South Africa.  I was confident a few days ago that they would still get out of their group, but it’s getting a little crazy.  The only people currently happy in Germany are the breweries, whose products will be the saving grace of the German population in a few weeks.

This prominent quote from Vince Lombardi is appropriate(American Football Reference #4), as the Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano has announced that his country will play dirty to win the World Cup.  I don’t question his motives or this strategy, only the fact that he is willing to say so publicly.  That and the fact that Brazil doesn’t need to play dirty to win….they have plenty of talent.

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