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CIRCADIAN FOOTBALL REVELATIONS:”Whatchu Talking ‘Bout” Edition-friday the 28th

May 28, 2010

It’s a sad day for all of us here at Fluffing.  The passing of Gary Coleman has sent me into a bit of a tailspin, reminiscing about the spunky undersized actor.   Personally, I believe my favorite Coleman moment would have to be  his candidacy for California Governor, soon followed by his decision to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As for today’s music selection, we’ve got the Black Keys with “Tighten Up”.

Apparently, it’s necessary for a manager to inform the entire world that you will be allowing your team to have sex during the World Cup.  What’s even weirder is that it’s only allowed on non-match days, which makes me think that Maradona will be closely monitoring them on match days…creepy.

Soccer By Ives, an excellent blog, was at practice today and says that Gooch looked very good in his limited views.  I also find it interesting that he thinks Mo Edu could be coming off the bench and that’s why he’s working at center back.  Either way, we’ll all know a ton more than we know now after tomorrow’s game against Turkey.

This is an interesting story on the motivations behind each of the 32 World Cup squads.  As for the statement that US football fans are ready for us to “lift the trophy”, I find that a bit absurd.  While we’d love to see it happen, the vast majority of us are realistic enough to hope for a quarterfinals or a highly unlikely semifinals appearance.  If you  disagree, feel free to let me know that I’m crazy.

The best part of this Carlsbad beer commercial is the Lion at the top of the tunnel towards the end of the commercial.  If only we could do something that cool with “Yanks”.  How about Paul Revere on a horse leading the team out?

Nah……at least not in my book.  But I guess that the story won’t be fully written until sometime in July.  If Argentina is able to perform well and end the WC victorious, Maradona’s legend will only grow.  If not, he’ll be labeled a buffoon and an abject failure as a manager.

You see what I did there??  Get it….Star-Blacked-Out….get it?   Anyway, Essien is out of the tourney.  This pretty much ends any hope of Ghana catching lightning in a bottle on the way to some miraculous run.  Looks like once again the hopes of Africa are on Drogba’s shoulders.

I’m not unhappy with Bob Bradley as our coach, but damnit, when you have a chance at a coach like this, you appease him…appease, appease, appease.  We need a European mind to direct our team in a direction that makes us competitive.  Klinsmann could have been that man.

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