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Ching Reportedly Leaving on Flight to Houston

May 26, 2010

Who's gonna be on the plane to South Africa??

News via twitterland.  If true, that seems to indicate that both Buddle and Gomez have a legitimate shot at being on the trip.  We here at Fluffing will continue to update you as further information is available.

edit: There is current debate as to the validity of this claim.  Some are suggesting he was seeing family who had visited from Houston.  Honestly, it seems as though no one really knows what is going on.  It does seem fishy to me, because that would mean he would have to get to Bristol within 2 hours and why wouldn’t he just see them off at the hotel?  Today’s not the day for our national team members to be floating around in airports unless they’ve been let go.  I guess we won’t really know until Bob makes it official.

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