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23 Men for Me!!!-A Formal Request from Lila

May 26, 2010

Football's not the only thing I'm looking forward to in South Africa.

I know that I’ve already introduced myself, but I want to give everyone a chance to get to know me a little better.  I want you all to know exactly the type of man I want to see in South Africa.  I am a woman that knows what she likes and I like football players.  But I only like football players with certain skill sets, assets, and abilities.  I want a man who can go a full 90 minutes.. at least.

So if any of you know Bobby, tell him to give me a listen.

If you made the list below, give me a call when you touch down in South Africa…   X Lila

The Sugar Daddies

I’m not cheap, and I’m always up for having fun with rich guys.  Like most girls, I love expensive gifts(diamonds seem appropriate in Africa).  For that reason, I’ll be looking for the richest members of the USMNT.  That means all the guys in the bigtime leagues are on my short list.

Tim Howard

Marcus Hahnemann

Brad Guzan

Carlos Bocanegra

Jonathan Spector

Steve Cherundulo

Michael Bradley

Ricardo Clark

Stuart Holden

Clint Dempsey

Landon Donovan

Jozy Altidore

Group Adonis

Gooch's olfactory senses will not be active next year.

I know that Gooch plays in Serie A, but he just decided to play for free.  That’s just crazy!!! No way he could afford me, but that’s ok because I Love a man with muscles.  Let me tell you something, Gooch’s body is better than a nutella and banana crêpe.  Here are some other musclebound yanks.

Maurice Edu– Don’t believe me?  HERE.

Brian ChingEnough Said

The Little Men

I like to play rough, and the thought of being stronger than DaMarcus Beasley is just too much to handle!!  Others:

Jon Bornstein-145 lbs

Benny Feilhaber-150 lbs

Jose Francisco Torres-135 lbs!!!!

The Married Man

There is absolutely nothing like hanging with a man who is married.  Of the Yanks left, only Goodson is married.  For that reason I hope Clarence Goodson makes it to South Africa.

Older is Better

Finally, I like a man with experience.  I like a man who is responsible and mature, a man closer to my age.  For this reason, I’m begging Bobby to keep all the young guns at home.  Instead, send:

Jay Demerit-31 years old

Edson Buddle-29 years old

Herculez Gomez-28 years old

Bobby Dear, please make me happy and I might even give you a visit!

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