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May 25, 2010

My colleagues have attacked me for some of my musical selections, so for today, we’ll be listening to a selection from In Arsene We Trust.  This is The Wild Hunt with “Tallest Man on Earth”.

Now on to the stories:

Good news, coaching football in the Middle East is extremely lucrative. They’ve been reading In Arsene We Trust’s posts and are expected to offer him the job in a day or two.  Unfortunately, with his ridiculous Screech like appearance, he wouldn’t last a week over there.

Dejan Stankovic sets his sights pretty high, I’m guessing he is still drunk following Inter’s win from Saturday night.  I’m now a little depressed that I included a link about Serbia….seems so damn pointless.  Oh well.

Here are 2 blogs that I read pretty regularly that have offered up a few things to look for in tonight’s Friendly against the Czechs.  Unfortunately, after a few beers this weekend I committed to the exciting double date tomorrow night.  That’s right, I have a date on the worst of possible nights.  Guess y’all will have to catch me up when I get home.

Seriously, if Louisiana were a separate country, I would hate them for their frenchiness.

Look at the team selection. As far as I can tell, unless Mascherano was playing as a full back, there were only 3 defenders. And Martin fucking Palermo got a game. AND ARGENTINA STILL WON. Even when destroying the opposition, WTF Argentina???

Crikey! Some good signs for New Zealand in yesterday’s friendly against Australia. I think this is In Arsene We Trust’s new favorite team for the World Cup, I mean a 3-4-3?! That is ballsy. Also matey Ryan Nelsen is a bad ass.

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