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May 24, 2010

Before you say anything, Yes, I know that I missed yesterday’s update.  You’ll be happy to know that I missed for very good reason.  First, it was Sunday, the Lawd’s day…..a day of rest down South(that’s right, I live in a culturally rich place that still values a slower way of life).  Second, I spent my restful day playing Redneck games…lets just say my activities included a lake, a few lawn chairs, some red clay, and a good bit of beer.  Damn, sounds like a Zac Brown Band song.  Guess that’s a good song for us to listen to.

Now on to the news:

As US soccer fans have said for years, it’s time for the sport to go mainstream in American culture.  There is too much potential for soccer in the states for it to not blow up at some point.  I’m really really really hoping that this summer provides a big step forward in that process.

I LOOOVVVEEE(hearts and smiley faces here) seeing France do stupid things.  So you can see why this year has been an especially pleasing one to me.  Adding to their follies is a dune buggy race between the French players in the name of team building.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong with approximately 2 weeks until the World Cup??  Unfortunately, no one was actually hurt when defender William Gallas crashed his buggy.

I dunno, but  I sure hope so.  The last thing we need is a deficiency at Center Back to force us into starting Jon Bornstein.  Hell, I’m sure some people will call me crazy, but I’d rather go back to Mo Edu at CB before we stick Bornstein in a high pressure situation.  That’s a penalty kick waiting to happen for the other team.  Also super interesting to me is the discussion of Pete Carril(not the super hip football coach, but the guy who invented the Princeton Offense)

The gist here is that the team is tired of throwing up after running and would like to actually play in a game.  Nothing too surprising here.  Also included are notes about Bocanegra’s surgery and a link to a video with Clint Dempsey.

This is a situation to monitor closely. As an American, I hope Barry isn’t fit. He is a great player, and England will miss him if he doesn’t go to South Africa. That being said, James Milner replaced him at Villa, and will likely do a great job of it for England as well.

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