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May 22, 2010

Sitting in a hammock on my porch and drinkin’ a little bit of cerveza, just enjoying a little bit of the High Life.  Also, just FYI, listening to Amos Lee’s “Keep it loose, Keep it tight”, song about his hometown of Philly.  Give it a listen.

Here’s a few(actually a lot) links to important/interesting WC news.

This is a generic article about the USMNT camp supplemented by an interesting note that Carlos Bocanegra underwent surgery prior to the camp to deal with a hernia.  Nothing funny about that…I’m just hoping he’s all better now.

This is significant for a number of reasons.  First of all, Gomez is a member of the camp squad for the USMNT, and the move to Pachuca is nice step up from his previous club, Puebla.  Second, this means he’ll be joining fellow USMNT member, Jose Francisco Torres next season.  Lastly, I love this because I spent a few weeks in Pachuca a few years back(4 to be exact) where I saw the Mexican national team narrowly suffer defeat to the Argentinians in the knockout rounds.  Shout outs to Sergio and my boys in the district of Hidalgo.

Let’s just all hope that he’s equally distracted by the time June 12 rolls around.  He’s surely an hugely important piece to the English attack that is giving our defense nightmares.

Following up on yesterday’s link to the Great Unknown Quantity of North Korea comes a story about their lead scoring option.  When I mentioned yesterday that 10 of the 11 players would be used in North Korea’s own defensive box, the one person not referenced is Jong Tae-Se.  Now, the North Korean forward is making bold statements about his team and his own accomplishments this summer.  I’m gonna predict this ends in a situation where Jong makes a fool of himself, blames it on the Premier, and is never heard from again after the summer.  Harsh???… maybe, but I just know something crazy’s gonna happen with this team.

Raymond Domenench is likely wondering why he didn’t include Patrick Viera in the squad at this point, but that’s okay because Viera is likely wondering the same thing himself. Hopefully next year Laurent Blanc will provide some much-needed stability to Les Bleu.

A preview of the squad and some insight into Capello’s mind. It will be interesting to see how England lines up against Mexico on Monday.

Jozy Altidore hasn’t had the best year.  Much of that can be attributed to his own actions, but a great deal of his troubles have been out of his control(such as the tragic earthquake to his native Haiti).  This summer’s tourney is a chance for him to turn the page.

A very interesting look at the various crises being faced by the German squad right now. Like the article says, though, come hell or high water the Germans always manage to win come tournament time. We’ll see how they wriggle out of the mess they’ve gotten themselves into this time.

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