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May 22, 2010

In an attempt to keep our loyal readers up to date with the most important news regard this years World Cup(with an obvious emphasis on the Red,          and Blue), we’ll be providing daily links to the work of others on the web.  Given the amount of information to be posted in the coming days regarding the US Mens National Team along with that of the other nations, this will likely end up becoming a summary of what I think is cool and important.  Hope you think it’s cool and important too.

An interesting article concerning a possible change in tactics for England before the tournament. This pretty much definitely makes England’s friendly against Mexico Monday a must watch event. I also especially enjoy how an injury to Leo Messi, the best footballer in the world and Argentina’s driving force (because let’s be honest, Maradona is crocked), is relegated to being an after thought.

I'll give you two guesses as to which one is FIFA.

If you find any assurances in the answers FIFA provided in this answer, that will be one more than any of us Fluffers found.

This article has relevance because Bougherra(this conjure up thoughts of this black panther for anyone else?) is one of Algeria’s 2 best defenders and because Algeria is the third opponent of the USMNT.  Also of note, Bougherra played for the Rangers with USMNT call ups Mo Edu and Damarcus Beasley.

Kim Jong Il’s men have captured the attention of at least one team it will go against.  As for myself, I’ll be watching with hopes that a possible goal by the Koreans leads to some bizarre celebration involving choreographed militaristic dancing.  This is unlikely, however, as my small amount of research into the North Koreans has led me to believe that 10 of their 11 men will be in their own defensive box during 98 percent of the game.  I’m guessing that the soap opera network will be more entertaining that day.

While his baseball playing brother may be more popular, I think it’s safe to say that this summer, Bob has a chance to outshine all of his siblings’ athletic accomplishments.  As for Michael, I think the World Cup will be his coming out party, but I’ll be sure to discuss this more later.

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