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May 21, 2010

In an attempt to keep our loyal readers up to date with the most important news regard this years World Cup(with an obvious emphasis on the Red,          and Blue), we’ll be providing daily links to the work of others on the web.  Given the amount of information to be posted in the coming days regarding the US Mens National Team along with that of the other nations, this will likely end up becoming a summary of what I think is cool and important.  Feel free to chastise my efforts and/or suggest more appropriate links for the readership.

Eventually, Gooch wants to donate his facial hair to locks of love.

This may be the best news we could have hoped for other than him actually getting PT for AC Milan last week.  Part of me is hesitant to feel completely comfortable with this situation, especially with this Grant Wahl’s twupdate coming earlier today:

Oguchi Onyewu is running in USA camp conditioning by himself, but he appears to be slightly favoring one leg.

Equally important to this story is the emergence of two small bear cubs growing on the sides of Gooch’s face.

As if no other news organization, big or small, has attempted to name the 23 man lineup for the USMNT, this particular one decides that it’s going to try SIX DIFFERENT TIMES.  My only guess is that they are going to go for 35 or 40 combos of players by next Tuesday(the predicted cut down date) to assure themselves of getting it right at least once.  For your peace of mind, if you’re tired of such predictions, I’m sure we’ll be annoying the hell out of you with some roster predictions of our own in the near future.

I normally wouldn’t link this, but the important thing to note here is that this is a newspaper printed in ALABAMA.  The fact that a paper in “The Bear Bryant State”(American Football Reference #2) is willing to even acknowledge that soccer exists is a feat in itself.

By the way, if you feel it necessary to insult the unnamed state that I live in, I urge you to watch this video before doing so.  Pure, Straightforward evidence(admissible in court, I’m told) that the State of Alabama is the most bass-ackward state in the country.

…just don’t expect “Your USMNT” to win any games.  With choices like Marvell Wynne v. Jon Bornstein for right back and Charlie Davies vs. Jeff Cunningham for the second forward spot, I’m pretty sure that this “team” doesn’t have the requisite passports to even make it to South Africa.  Also included in the activity are Jermaine “I’ll never walk again” Jones, and Jimmy Conrad.

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