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You can call me Lila…

May 20, 2010

Please don't tell my brother!!!

I want you to know that I’m strictly here for your entertainment…but I have rules.  First, no kissing on the mouth.  Second….well, we’ll get to more of that later.  For now let me introduce the rest of my friends.

“Fluffing the Lines” is a newly formed endeavor by myself and my football loving friends to give the public access to our opinionated and worthless highly informed and beneficial ideas and commentary throughout the World Cup.

Why should you read our blog?  Honestly, there’s nothing especially spectacular about this collection of armchair quarterbacks(American Football Reference #1-I swear I’ll keep these to a minimum).  On the other hand, you’ll be hard pressed to find a greater variety of viewpoints on one particular information source.  We’ve all got our favorite squads both in the club world and on the international stage.  Our levels of expertise are as disparate as our backgrounds.  Between us we speak a myriad of languages and have spent time on a plethora of continents. We’ll disagree often and we’ll hate on each other even more.  Hopefully the result is an entertaining way for all of you to keep up with this summer’s big tourney.  This is the story of a group of friends who share one thing in common…a love for the beautiful game.

Whether you’re a longtime football fan or a newly adjusted soccer observer, we hope there is something for all of you.  If you’re offended by the occasional(sometimes frequent) vulgar remark, I’m sure some of the links we’ve provided will give you plenty of family friendly choices.  If you’re too snobby to read about why beer selection is important to our game experience, we don’t want you to read anyhow.  And if you think that a bunch of friends arguing soccer over the internet is a lame ass nerdy existence, well then we agree with you.  Hope you’re lame enough to join in the fun.

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